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I'm Mike.


I was raised by a mother who worked in marketing and a father who worked as a psychologist.  Needless to say, the “why” behind people's actions has always interested me. This inherent curiosity in an individual's motivations and behaviors first led me to a career in advertising sales - but it wasn’t for me. 


I care more about discovering the challenges people face and improving the outcome for them, not just selling them something.  This background in sales allows me to leverage years of uncovering client needs and translating those into thoughtful solutions.  UX provides me the opportunity to put my inquisitive mind to work in a field where I can see a tangible output for my work and bring joy to others. 


I am a UX Researcher and strategist who has experience helping products and brands achieve their goals.  Through various UX methodologies, I work to extract insights and turn them into results. Experienced in the full design process, I focus on research, leaning on the UX process and my almost decade of sales experience.  I am able to connect with users, pulling out challenges, pain points, and opportunities.  

Research Methodologies
Generative Methods

Open Card Sort
Competitive Analysis
User Interviews
User Flow

Evaluative Methods

Closed Card Sort
Heuristic Evaluation
Tree Test
Usability Testing
5-Second Test
User Flow

Google Analytics

Analysis Techniques

Affinity Mapping
Customer Journey Map
User Persona
Feature Prioritization
Product Roadmap
User Flow

Skills & Tools

User Research | Usability Testing | User Interviews | Competitive Analysis | Heuristic Analysis | User Flows | Information Architecture | Card Sorting | Creating Personas | Google Analytics | Wireframing | Prototyping | Journey Mapping | Data Analytics | Sales | Marketing | Project Management | Sketch | Figma | Invision | Zeplin